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2011 Foals and 2012 possibilities

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Total foals for 2011 as follow:

Purebred Bay colt, 100% Crabbet (DSA Brynn  CRB X Brazen Angel)

Part arab Bay, going grey colt (Kari Lockets Kadence X Kasey) Part Arab

Purebred Bay filly,100% Crabbet (Kari Lockets Kadence X MI Royal Flag)

Expected 100% Crabbet foals for 2012

(DSA Brynn CRB X Magic Locket)

(Kari Lockets Kadence X Amyr Hope PC)

(Amyr Bronze PC X Brazen Secret)


Ride News 2011

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Coates Creek: Scene Stealer completed the very hot 50 mile endurance

Ontario Competitive Trail Championships:

       Mags Magic Moment completed two days of mileage rides,

DSA Firefly was 5th overall in the 26 mile comptitive and Scene Stealer won the 18 mile Ride and Tie.

Training News

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DSA Firelfy was easy to start under saddle and has been trail ridden near home as well as in the Beaver Valley.  He is confident on the trails and has no problem with traffic, water and hills.

Charity is at a local trainers to begin her saddle training and is coming along nicely. She is a sensitive mare who still has a lot of growing and filling out to do.

2010 Breedings

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Adonia was bred to Amyr Bronze PC.


MI Royal Flag (PC)  and Casey (grade) were bred to Kari Lockets Kadence.


Lady Belezaahde and Brazen Angel (PC) were bred to DSA Brynn CRB.

2010 Pure Crabbet Foals

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Foal News 2010


Chestnut Pure Crabbet colt (Amyr Bronze PC X Brazen Secret)


Chestnut Pure Crabbet filly (Amyr Bronze PC X Amyr Hope PC)


Chestnut Pure Crabbet filly (Kari Lockets Kadence X FV Silver Mistic)

New Additions to Kari Arabians

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There have been a number of new additions to Kari Arabians in the last year and a half. Late 2008 brought Amyr Bronze, FV Silver Mistic, Amyr Hope and her 2008 filly Charity. All these are Pure Crabbet and we are excited to incorporate these bloodlines into our breeding program.


Just recently we have added another Pure Crabbet to our herd. He is DSA Brynn CRB out of the Doyle stallion Gavin. Brynn also came with his half brother and pasture mate DSA Firefly.


We are expecting 5 foals this year. Three Pure Crabbets (Amyr Bronze X Amyr Hope), (Amyr Bronze X Brazen Secret) and (Kari Lockets Kadence X FV Silver Mistic) and two CMK's (CG IBn Asif  X Belsema Bedazzld) and (Kari Lockets Kadence X Lady Belezaahde). This will be Asif's last foal as he passed on in 2009 and Kadence's first year of foals

News From Kari Arabians!

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