Kari Arabians -Ontario Endurance Crabbet Arabians

History of Kari Arabians

Kari Arabians was started over 25 years ago with the purchases of Mindara (Raffsim X Mirasa) a grey 100% CMK mare from Colorado and her foal  Kari Seri Star by BB Super Star. As a broodmare she produced a number of quiet, large foals, with the last being Kari Bodarick, who we have retained.  Another early acquisition was Allens Sue (Tearra Fix X Gay Fayrad) a fiery chestnut of *Serafix/Raffles bloodlines, who excelled at long distances.

In 1989, we acquired Kabar Raftah  who has represented Canada in two World Equestrian Games and two North American Championships in Endurance.